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I'm guessing I'm not the only member of this community who found a marketing message for a new Alzheimer's drug in their inbox this morning? I was surprised to learn that Allergan is a "partner" in the AgingCare initiative. I object to this form of targeted marketing, particularly to individuals who are most susceptible and in need of solutions. Until we know how safe or effective this new drug is, I would caution anyone against adding yet another drug to their loved one's armamentarium of medications. However, if any existing members have had experience with this NAMENDA XR, I'm sure we'd all love to hear about it. It's not clear from the offensive email ad or the website what this drug does or how it works.


Namenda XR is not a new drug, In fact it's been out six years. It is the extended release form of the drug Namenda which was released in I'm not sure what you mean by "new".

I did not receive the email myself though.

Thanks for the info, Angelkw. The ad certainly made it sound new (I would share it if we could add JPGs), so presumably it has now been approved it for another use, or for concomitant use with existing drugs? Usually there's a reason for a marketing campaign. Have you or anyone you know had experience with this glutamate-blocker?
I received that unwanted e-mail recently. I forwarded it back with an angry note that I never authorized sending of advertising to me and I DON'Tt want it. I doublechecked my preferences, and they hadn't changed. So there was no legitimate reason and certainly no excuse why this offensive e-mail should have been sent.

What does bother me is the lack of privacy and misuse and abuse of our e-mail addresses.

This is the address of the offensive e-mail. You could write to the AC staff and advise them that you don't want this junk mail.

AgingCare Exclusive Offers" (less than sign) (greater than sign) --- the filters are blocking the use of those signs.

Note that it isn't from Namenda; it's from Aging Care.
Another suggestion is to use a throw-away email account for forums such as this in the event your e-mail address is compromised. Don't use your primary e-mail account.
I got the email twice. People who didn't get it probably have a very active spam filter or they never requested info from a partner (caregiver guide, info on living options). This is why I use a portal email for this forum so that I can easily dump unwanted items. Any "free" website is going to sell your info at some point to provide services at "no cost".
Lorrie, I also got this email. I have gotten it, or a similar ad for Namenda XR at least twice previously. To answer your question about anyone's experience with this drug - my mom was on Namenda starting in 2010 and then was switched to the XR when the regular because unavailable. (I heard this was intentional by the manufacturer so that everyone would switch to the XR before the regular form went generic). I questioned mom's PCP's multiple times about discontinuing this drug because there is no evidence that it works (as stated in the ads), and it is quite expensive. After mom got to the point where there is not much left to lose, her new PCP stopped it in February. Her care providers and I have seen no change in her behavior or decline. If I could go back, I would have insisted that it be discontinued several years ago and save the $300 per month it was costing her.
Thank you all for your candid and reassuring responses. Akdaughter, it's good of you to share your experience with Namenda. I never even thought of the costs involved, but you're absolutely right, the cost of a medication is a definite consideration, especially when the results are not evident. I will take the time to lodge a formal complaint on our collective behalf, and keep you posted! It's heartening to know that I'm not the only one who feels assaulted by advertising...
This site is free and at least for me it has been a Godsend. They gotta pay the bills somehow- and there is always the "delete" button.
I don't get emails from AC. I turned off getting them in my profile. I read the site online. The only email notices I get are when I get hugs. Those are always welcome.
Come to think of it, I haven't even gotten hug notifications recently. I see them when I go in my newsfeed. I don't know when that changed, but it's okay.

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