Just talked with mom in facility - Another panic attack - Feel so helpless.

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Mom is in sub-acute rehab, headed for hospice. Had been on heavy duty morphine and Dilantin when she broke her pelvis and arm a month ago. Also has severe COPD and a UTI.

She goes from 99% to 80% coherent depending on the day/hour.

The worse is having her beg us to take her out of there, saying she's dying, she is in pain (told she is not and when we ask her where it is, she doesn't know).

She is give a xanex and sometimes a sleeping pill too when she gets like this.

We truly believe she is at a great facility and they take good care of her as evidenced on many occasions.

Would appreciate input on this.



I bet the UTI is causing her panic attacks... once the infection is gone, hopefully she will feel better. The same thing happened to me when I had a UTI last year, strange how an infection can create such side effects.

You say she is headed to Hospice. When will this happen? I would think that they would be able to provide her support and keep her comfortable.
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dtrinfl2, I am sorry but it is not clear to me whether Mom is having panic attacks or if you are. Either seems likely to me.

If you are, have you had them before? Do you know how to deal with them while they are occuring?

If it is Mom, all I can say is that it sounds like she is in an excellent place for getting care.

I am not sure what "headed to hospice" means. If she is eligible, why isn't she there now? Will the hospice care occur in the same excellent facility?

I would hope that Hospice will be able to deal with the pain more effectively.

Hugs to you. This has got to be excruciating for you to watch!

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