Taking parents back home for a visit.

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My parents moved last year to an independent living facility near me from their remote lakehouse last year. All through the year I have been trying to maintain the lakehouse while caring for them. My dad (with dementia) ALWAYS wants to go back home..of course. Even my mom has forgotten how hard it was for them there.

Anyway, my brother is back this week. Good because I get some respite.. but not good in that he is taking them back up to the lakehouse. I have not taken them back because it was so hard and traumatic to get Dad to leave in the first place. He is sending me all kinds of pics of how happy they both are..just ecstatic... TO BE HOME!!!
I am DREADING what happens when they come back.. hoping my dad can come back and at least be where he was as far as being able to live in the apartment.

Just got a pic of both my my mom and dad beaming from ear to ear at the lake house. My brother = hero/saint/god me = mean daughter who took their home and independence away from them. Aint life of a caregiver sweet? :(

Ok .. this is just a rant. We will see how brother handles it when it is time to leave there home once more??


Ask your brother to move to the lakehouse to take care of him. I'll bet he'll change his tune very quickly.
Your brother sounds pretty clueless. I'd put my foot down. If he insists on doing ridiculous stunts, then he could handle all the other matters too, not just respite. Have you told him that you will not continue if he works against you and that's he's actually increasing their anguish, not helping matters?
should have been take care of "them".
Hey, Bro. "The ball is in your court right now. If they won't leave, they're your responsibility ".

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