taking care of my husband that has parkinson

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just need to know that their are others out there that are caregivers for parkinson very hard to do by yourself, take him to everything no one wants to help.


My husband doesn't have parkinsons, but he had two terrible strokes. I feel alone and frightened. I can only tell you that I will pray for you.
I am "out there" too, husband also has Parkinson . When I think how much it would cost for someone to care for him in the home 24/7 or a nursing home , services of 3 meals a day , cleaning up after him , taking to appointments, giving medications etc putting up with the rest of it and the isolation yet there is no compensation, no breaks for spousal care ...Seems it is time for change we do it a whole lot cheaper and only need a break every so often
I took care of my dad until I placed him in MC 6 months ago. I visit every day & still take him to all appts, buy his clothes & briefs, order his meds, etc. Dad is 10 years into this & wheelchair-bound now. I understand the "no help" part of it. I did use adult day care a few times & we had limited respite (6 hours every 2 weeks) from the VA. Soon I will have to have help getting him to his appts, bc he's a big guy, & he can't help much with transferring. I'm very sorry for each of you -- it's a terrible disease.
Talkey, Don't they have doctors that come into the MC to see the patients, so you don't have to transport him to appointments? i switched my LO to that and it really helped, as she is wheelchair bound. Now, the facility only has to transport her for dental appointments.
Sunnygirl1, Dad's a vet, so we use the VA. The facility would transport for quite a fee, & I would still need to drive down just to be present during his appts. (I actually live pretty close to his facility.)

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