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Hi. My name is Angel and my gramaw has dementia. I have been taking care of her for about three years now. Since my mama died. Me and my gramaw have always been close. Our doctor said she would do best in a camper since she has regenerative macular desease as well. He was right. I took care of her in her home for a while. Then moved her into a camper near my home. Now she lives in my backyard. She forgets something as soon as she does or hears it. :D She gets confused too. Like, she might think the air conditioner is her oxygen. She hides stuff constantly. In really weird places. The other day I found her teeth in a paper towel that was in a pair of socks that was in a house shoe that was in a drawer. Silly her. She runs her coffee back through the pot AFTER she puts cream and sugar in it! She takes her hair down after I put it up. Constantly messes up her t.v. unassembles her oxygen and gets pretty creative with her breathingvtreatment and the medicine. She over feeds that fat ole dog of hers. :D She folds all her dirty clothes up and puts them in with the clean. And now...well, she is eating her coffee grounds. Yep. Gets her self a spoon and her coffee canister and has a big time. I have ask her why and she consistently answers with, " Cause I like em" well, I reckon but she is giving herself caffein withdrawel headaches.


I wasn't done...
Anyways, as I was saying before it so rudely posted,
She is a handfull. I love her. I am glad to be able to go this with her. I think it would be very scarey alone. I know she hates how she is getting. And she feels bad cause I do so much for her. I dont want her to be scaredvor feel bad. But, it is a load. Some things are funny. Some are cruel beyond words.But she remains loving and quick to laugh. I left a message for a support group fairly local and never heard back so I decided to join here.
Looking forwards to meeting you all.
It sounds like you have a real good attitude, Angel. Welcome to our group.
Welcome Angel too. Granmaw is a very lucky lady to have someone as loving and caring as you to take care of her. Ask any questions you like nothing is "stupid" if it bothers you someone has faced it before and will have a suggestion for you to try. Keep looking on the bright side and enjoy the funny part. Granmaw is certainly creative with her hiding places she must be a very smart lady
Thank ya'll for the kind words. I am lucky to have had her in my life. I am grateful to still have her. I cann't imagine my life without her. At any point in my life. She was a vital part of my growing up. She is a very important part of my life now.I can still go to her for advice or love. Even just a pat on the back. She just forgets.
It hurts though sometimes to see her change so much. But I want her to transition as comfortably and trustingly (my word) as possible. I want her to be comfortable in letting me slip into the drivers seat. She took such good care of me when I was a child. I want to take good care of her back.
Angel you are a wonderful grandaughter and a true southern lady. Welcome to this site. Taking care of Grandmaw is wonderful, but also take care of yourself.
Angel, welcome to the group. I'm sure you'll add spice and verve to our posts.Hope you have good holidays with Grandmaw. You are so lucky to have each other!

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