Sweating after shower.

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Often about 1/2 hour after a shower, I begin excessive sweating. This happens even on a cold day. Mostly from my head and neck sweat drips down my neck. I normally never perspire unless it's a very hot day. I don't know if it's from a medication, anxiety or what but it's very annoying to shower and put on makeup, do your hair and then start sweating and mess yourself all up. I seldom use foundation as I am afraid it will get all messed up. I have a good complexion and can get away with no foundation. I am 67 and female.


Well, darn it! That is sure no fun. Have you discussed this with your doctor? How long does the sweating episode last?

It is probably just an annoying quirk, but I would mention it to the doctor, in case it is a symptom of something else.
your sposedta shower in hot water to open up the oil pores in the skin then start cooling the water to close the pores before you get out of the shower.
I have had this same problem. I shower in cool water now and I take my showers at night instead of in the morning.
Same problem... looking it up now as I just got out of the shower an hour ago still sweating my a** off.. Good tip to use cool water before getting out of the shower! I'll try that out
msslinky, same problem here.... but I found as others mention above, after rising turn the water as cool as you can stand it, and don't forget to use cool water on your wet hair... this does work :)
I'm a 68 year old man....within the last 5 years , I've started to have the same exact problem. I've tried the shower tricks ( cold water, patting down instead of rubbing the towel, getting out of the bathroom humidity as soon as possible) to no avail. I'm on heart and stroke medication as well as Sertraline and L-lisine. Maybe these drugs or the combination have something to do with it. It is a life changing condition and I'm willing to risk it all by stopping these drugs to see if that works. I'll let you know what I find out .

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