Suzanne passed away peacefully today at 2:48pm.

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HELLO, To the fellow friends, acquaintances, care givers. October 6, 2014 at 2:48pm.

Suzanne passed away peacefully today at 2:48pm

COPD, CHF, and many illnesses at a young age of 78.

This has been the most rewarding, yet the hardest job ever. I would not have traded this experience in for anything in the world. Of course, we do not wish ill on anyone.

Thank you, and God Bless and Good Night!

Now, I will focus on my next person, and care for my mother with last stages Alzheimer's Disease.

God Bless you all! Thank you for all your help and support.



I'm so sorry. I'm glad that Suzanne passed away peacefully. To me, that should always be the main goal for someone at their end of life. I admire your outlook on this as seeing it as most rewarding yet realistic view of how hard it was. You take care. Hope to see you again - with your next care recipient. Remember to take care of yourself in betweens. {{Hugs}}
I'm so sorry for your loss. Hope your mom is comfortable. She is clearly well looked after and loved!
Your words are so inspirational. I appreciate your insight. God bless for your devotion.

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