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I hate being surrounded by "old." These are my "not old" years..............but I might as well be old myself - prematurely because I'm living it. :(
Anyone else feel this way sometimes?


Definitely. I've been trying to reduce and organize my household possessions recently, and I find myself thinking "this will make it easier when I move to assisted living," "this will be one less item that my heirs will have to dispose of when I pass on," and similar thoughts. I'm 63!
I had a fire at my home 1.5 years ago. Talk about getting rid of things! Then a move 450 miles away. Talk about downsizing! Then rent a house half the size of the one on the market. Talk about downsizing, giving stuff to kids, donating to Goodwill. Purging! After four years of caring for my mom and hubby and being surrounded by old every day! It was hard, but I am grateful, now, for that time and that I had the temperment to do it. My sibs certainly would not have!
Marialak I don't feel at all that way! We have just moved and I have done a massive and I mean massive claret and I was utterly ruthless. I kept photos all of them but put them into a new album. I kept pictures (most of them) and put those into collaged frames or albums. I kept all her music and put it onto a mp3 player

I got rid of old clothes she never wore despite her telling me she did, Ornaments that gathered dust apart from some very valuable ones. I did keep all 20 cuddly toys but they are on the top of the wardrobe. I binned every part set of cutlery and crockery in the goodwill bin and bought 1 new set of each but I made sure they were something she would like so nope all good here. And I open the windows every day to let the old air out and the new in too. Feeling very proud of myself.....No if only I didn't need cupboard space for mounds of pads pants, wipes, wet wipes, towels etc
claret? clear out ...although claret would be good if I drank alcohol!
Mom lives in my house so it's not her "old house" that bothers me. It's the old person lifestyle. I'm living an old person lifestyle to accommodate her but I'm not that old yet! These are my remaining "not old" years but I've got the old people smells, noises, walkers, depends, crazy talk, boredom, mushy foods....... can't stay out past 5 pm (lol) lifestyle.
If my husband were alive, I would be able to share my "youth" with him. But it's just me and mom...............
Me too Maria and it is a prison sentence of its own at times isn't it but old is a state of mind so keep that very young! Think how sexy young fit men look and the good thing is that you can tell them too and they don't take offence because they don't realise you actually mean it!!!!!!!
Maria, I feel like this all the time. My mother's house is in a neighborhood where the median age is 29. Almost everyone I see is young enough to be my grandchild. And they have their 2-3 children. So I go over to the senior center to be around more mature people. Most of the people there are 80 or more. It's one extreme to the other, and both make me feel old.

The life I live is my mother's life. People may say that I need to get out more and meet people my own age. This is much easier to say than to do when a woman is 63. It's not like we can go hang out in bars or need to attend more college classes with kids young enough to be our grandchildren. The 60s are an age group where people are still working and going home to their spouses after work. They don't hang out at senior centers, parks, or bars. They do go to grocery stores and work out in their yards.
Yes I completely understand Maria.

I too feel surrounded by "old".. my life revolves around my elderly parents first , my job (full time work from home), my elderly pets (dog is 15 and I caregive for her too).

Sometimes I go out to the park or a restaurant and just look around and others lives seem so different then mine.. my life is seems so narrow now. My lunches and dinners are spent listening to dentures clicking and stories being retold over and over, walks spent very slowly walking my parents or my elderly dog.

When my parents were my age.. their lives were so young and vibrant. They went on exciting vacations, spent weekends camping, they were surrounded by their youthful kids and grandkids. They didn't have to "slow down".

They say you aren't old till you let an old person in... hmmm.. I think I need to let a young person in to chase out all the old!

Maria, I'm right there with you! We have my FIL living with us, and I sometimes resent that he and my MIL got to fully enjoy their own 40's, 50's, and 60's, and even 1/2 of their 70's enjoying their lives and retirement doing exactly what they wanted, yet here we are , weighed down by his 80's, and stuck living an old life here in our own home! We eat what He likes, and don't often get out together and when we do, it's only for a couple of hours at the most. We got stuck up in the PROMISE, after he badgered us to "come live with us, should anything ever happen to his wife". Well of course she passed away, it what older people with serious illnes do, and we ended up with him, and of course his 2 siblings are worthless in helping, and are completely absent. So, such is life! There are days when I so badly want to find a way out of our situation, but then again, he is his Father, and I will support my husband's choices, and if there comes a time when the Old Man needs more help than we can provide, he'll have to go to a skilled nursing facility period, and I'll help him with that too! Some people are meant to be carers, and some most definitely are not, and I guess we were, having done this now for 12 years, but YES, I do think of all the LIFE that we have missed out on because of this!

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