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Thanks for all the support though the difficult times I had with mom. And now her death. I am doing better. The shock of mom having died is beginning to wear off. And I'm feeling better. Barbara


Barbara, You are a part of a much larger family now-a cyber-fam on AC.
Sorry for your loss. Hoping you will keep coming back.
And it is ever so rare when caregivers get thanked, so you are extra cool !
I think you should change your name from Hadnuff to Diditall. God bless.
pamstegma, that is a great name for hadnuff!!
Barbara; I'm so glad that you're feeling better. Stick around...I think you can give the rest of us support as well.
Barbara, my heart goes out to you now, during this time of your Mother's passing. You did everything you could, managing her care from afar. Now it is time to take care of you, and begin the healing process of grieving your loss. Take care now! BIG HUGS!

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