Support Group for adults with emotional issues!!!!

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Emotional and dementia help one another to get what we need, if we are not getting the help we need!!


I noticed that on another thread that you share you have bipolar disorder. Please get some professional help in the morning.
I do not understand. My mom was put in a mental wars for 2 months. After coming back to living assisting she has had no appt. what am I to think of this. I go to a mental dr every two weeks. How is this dr going to know if she is where she needs to be?
When your mother was discharged from the mental ward, there should have been a follow up plan with a psychiatrist and possibly a therapist set up for her to follow through on. What was her diagnosis and did they prescribe or change any of her meds?

I would make her an appointment with a geriatric psychiatrist if there is one where you live. That ,might be hard to find. So, you would need to find a regular psychiatrist and when you call various offices, you can ask if they work with older people a lot.

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