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somebody is punking us. bunch of new posts here from first time posters all with the same choppy english. hopefully were being played , the alternative would be AC has hired foreign workers to increase activity here.


I noticed that a month or so back. I always check profiles now, before I take the time and emotional energy to help them. I think it's someone who was quite disliked on this site, acting as a troll.. She posts VERY rarely now. JMHO
Well now cap'n, some folks can talk plain inglish, but they cant type worth a dammn. Sum R collige students with head full of academic vapors and not a hole lot else. Forein contries have fewer problems, they cant keep any body alive near as long as wee can. Japan has a suicide forest where old people go to die at the base of Mt Fuji.
According to World Health Organization statistics, 27 countries are able to keep their citizens alive longer than the US does, including Japan, Canada, France, Spain, and Israel.

Suicide Forest in Japan has one of the world's most suicides in a single location, but not quite as high as the Golden Gate Bridge.

But what does any of this have to do with who is posting on Aging Care, and whether they are punking us?
"Tripura" appears to be a drone. Yes, if the profile has no info and the typing is misspelled and broken, it's just phishing.
s'wat i figured. too many posts from multiple profiles with the same grammer discrepancies. the last few months ( years ) of my moms life the same chinese b**ch would call the house multiple times a day trying to steal info to supply unwanted diabetic supplies. i would have pulled her head off and s**t in her esophagus if id ever had access to her. we had a dying elder there, she didnt care. the only consolation i could muster is she was probly working at gunpoint. if that offends any race or ethnic culture GOOD, get yourself civilized and show some respect for other humans.
Another drone today captain, q1w2yesi is not a genuine participant, and I see no way to report a question from a drone. How do we get drones deleted?
Whatever? Just ignore them if you want..
So they troll, what can they do to you if you don't have personal info available to them. I just report this post and Melissa takes care of em.
But I was wondering why q1 replied as a question. Well I guess I know now. "If it doesn't feel right it probably isn't"...
Aye-Yi-Yi..... I saw one the posts that prompted this one, and I so hate to think that this site is in line to be messed with. I've seen way too many once-active forums completely abandoned because the trolling spam-bots targeted them. Just sucks. Creates a lot of work for the admin to keep up with all the garbage postings.

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