Sunlight helps caregivers and the elderly.

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I help take care of my grandpa who resides in a nursing home. Lately, I've been taking him out into the sunshine and push him outside in his wheelchair so he and I can both soak up some sunshine and vitamin d (around 15-30 minutes) and fresh air. I've read and watched youtube videos about the health benefits of getting some sunlight. I've noticed that I began to sleep better, I look "healthier", have more energy, I didn't drink as much coffee, etc. Even sitting outside in the sunlight helps if you don't want to walk around. I think the medical community should encourage more people to get some sun as this helps cure, prevent, alot of illnesses and diseases.


So glad you can do that, but up here on the frozen tundra it's not possible to go outside. Ask the folks in NY and DC.
caregiver75104, you are so right about the sun. It's a feel good feeling, too.

Pam, actually today we were out attempting to get that 2 feet of snow off the driveway and the sun was out. It was soooo good to see that bright light, but only our faces were exposed to the sun so we probably didn't get much Vit D. Plus the exercise of shoveling... we hadn't done this type of exercise since last winter :P

Tomorrow I hope the sun is out as I need to get 2 feet of snow off the deck as the cat has cabin fever and none too happy about not being able to go out :)
If you're not able to go outside you can take vitamin d supplements. Ask for how much you need, its best to ask your doctor how much so you dont overdose. I would rather go under the sun and take advantage of it whenever its out, its not snowing down here like up north but it is chilly and the sun sets earlier since its winter. I like the sun vs supplements cuz you can never overdose on the vitamin d.
I picked up my son from school and we went to a park with a wooden playground that's right behind his school. We both got at least 30 minutes worth of sun today. Would have liked to stay longer but he wanted to get something to eat afterwards. We had a coupon for a free chimi cheesecake from Taco Bueno lol

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