Sundowner's relief.


I've heard that some Alzheimer's facilities are offering night time care from 7 AM to 7 PM to give relief to caregivers. I can take care of Mother during the day with some outside help but nights are becoming impossible. She is 95 and I am 74. No other family.

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I think this is a great idea! You might want even to see if it would be cheaper for full admission to a memory care unit. You can take mom out all day if you like, or take care of her there at the home just like you do at home. There are several people at my mthr's memory unit whose children are there all day long, just enjoying their time with mom, and relieved from nighttime duty.

The adult children get to sleep well knowing that their parents are being taken care of at 4 am when the elders get up and dress for (nonexistent) work and wait for the bus, and they impatiently wait at the LOCKED door! But at 9 am when the kids get there, they are fresh and well rested, and can take mom out for the day. :)

One of the best kept secrets is that other people can cook and clean for mom just as well as a blood relative, and that way you can ENJOY your time with mom instead of working so hard. And if you need a nap during the day, there is someone there to watch her. I know your mom would want you to keep having a life, even though she is elderly now. You can't function if you can't sleep.

Yes! Now you know how tired I am.

I think you mean 7 PM to 7 AM - don't you!