Sudden severe pain.

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My wife has Parkinson's disease that was diagnosed in May 2007 and now has twisting movements of severe dyskinesias. Taking carbidopa levodapa C L 25 100 two tablets every 4 hours. Once a day taking 1mg Azilect and a 6mg Neupro patch.
Generally getting 2hours or less of good time after the CL takes effect. After that having intense pain that lasts many of the times until the next CL dosage takes effect. Extreme muscle contractions for 1 to 1.5 hours that feel crushing happens in legs, abdomen, shoulders, neck, intestines not all at the same time but many times in combination. Spending around 9 hours or more in this pain every 24 hours. Husband massages these various areas to get some temporary relief and walking around sometimes helps. Been to see neurologist and emergency room twice and no one gets the intensity of the twisting and pain. We have not been given anything for these painful times. We need help and need it now because we are unable to continue much longer.


Have you asked about an extended release form of the CL? It sounds like she is peaking too fast and then metabolizing too quickly. Sinemet CR is a controlled release version of CL
Tried Sinement CR several years ago, but now it may be something to conscider with some fast acting Sinemet. Thank you so much for responding will present any ideas to our Dr.

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