Thanks to you all....Successful traveling with an elder.

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I want to start by thanking everyone who commented on my post a few weeks ago when I asked for tips & suggestions for traveling with my elderly father. We got back from Florida two days ago after 9 days & I want to report: SUCCESS!!!! I took your suggestions to heart along with a few of my own and it was the best vacation ever. Papa traveled well, LOVED flying,,,LOVED the beaches....LOVED the WWII UDT Association events - the UDT/Navy Seals Museum....the weather, the food, the family, the laughter and comfort. He had committed to returning to Florida before we left! LOL

The flights went well, but I was VERY disappointed to find that American Airlines no longer asks for disabled, elderly and small children to board wasn't a big problem, but I felt it to be sadly disrespectful. Money goes first, right? Even though the trip was carefully slow paced, Pop did get we spent a bit of "down time" every day soaking up rays on the beach or sitting on the balcony watching the surf & just talking.

I've posted some of the pictures take on the trip on my Facebook page - Paula Fontes - Maine - you're welcome to take a look.

I might be paying for this trip for the next year (thank you, credit cards)...but every cent was worth it. Papa has been through so much since Mama passed in April - I watched those burdens lift as he was reminded of who he is, how much he is loved and how great it feels to be alive on a sun-filled glorious day. Glimpses of my "old" Papa, who laughed more, walked easier and enjoyed everything.

I did find most folks to be accommodating and kind when I asked for things like smaller portions from the menu, assistance with handling Papa's suitcase (I think next time I'll pay the extra & have his suitcase checked) and accommodation when getting him through the TSA. Not everyone can travel far distances,,,,but even if you can get someone out into a local park on a nice day - please do. It helps both the person you care for and the caregiver.


Pfontes, great! I'm glad it was a very successful trip in which the traveling went smoothly and your Papa really enjoyed himself. =)
What a wonderful outcome!
Great story. Thanks for sharing it!
I had been wondering how the trip was, and assumed since you weren't here that you were on the road or soaking up the sun. I'm so glad to learn that it was a good trip, that other than lack of first boarding rights, everything went well.

I don't recall if your father was on oxygen, but if he was, did you have any problems with recharging batteries for the portable concentrator? Were there charging outlets on the plane? This is an aspect that we're still working out.

Welcome back, and thanks for sharing such positive news!
GA - Papa isn't on oxygen. I didn't see any outlets on the planes we were on - although I did see little signs that outlets were between the seats on one plane (I didn't look to verify). There were outlets on the walls under the windows at the gate in Charlotte were we had a 3 hour layover and there was a charging tower at the Newark NJ airport at our gate. Will these work? Our flights were only 1 - to 1 1/2 hours each. AND I have to say that the customer service reps at both airlines were great - you can certainly talk to them about it.

It was a great trip that we were glad to take while Pop can still enjoy. I have to admit that it was more restful to me than most of my vacations have been so it recharged us both.'s good to be home, too.
What great news! So nice to hear that you all had such a wonderful time.
I think those outlets should work; the portable concentrator doesn't require anything more than a regular outlet.

I was just curious as it's one of the things I have to consider in planning any trips longer than the battery lives, unless I get a car charger converter/adapter.

Great news! Thanks for sharing. Glad you got some joy and recharge too. I agree that we need to treasure what we can.

Mom would like to travel again to FLA or similar but she does not feel she would be able to do it. We would have to think this out. Thanks for the good story! Glad your Papa had a good time.
GA - my most heartfelt & loving advice to you: get a backup battery pack and GO FOR IT!!!!

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