Stupid me, thought my sister would help.

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My mom lives in her home and I live there too to keep her happy and healthy. Must be doing something right. She will be 101 years young in two months.

When my niece came to visit last year, her mother (my oldest sister) told her daughter to tell us to spare no expense in getting our mother hearing aids as she would pay for the whole thing if I could get mom to go to a hearing specialist and get hearing aids. I came through with convincing mom to go to a hearing aid place. When she got her hearing aids, the look on her face when she could hear again was priceless!

I let my niece know so her mom could send some money like she promised. Well, my sister (who lives 6000 miles away) called and told mom she had to pay $16,000.00 for her grandson’s college tuition. She has 10 horses to care for and an ailing husband. To pay $7500.00 for mom’s hearing is out of the question.

Stupid me for falling for her words. Imagine how my niece feels. Wish I had deeper pockets. I never planned that my sisters would turn so cold.


Wonder if your sister had sticker shock as to the price for getting two hearing aids. She might had said spare no expense thinking the price would be a lot less.
I have sticker shock, too. Are there some that are less expensive. The ones I'm used to seeing are $1000-2000 each.
I think my dad's hearing aids (prescribed by a hearing aid specialist with a local hospital, not a Beltone type place) was around $6,000 about 8 years ago, so that price doesn't surprise me. Live and learn. I'm sorry your sister didn't come through. Now you know not to trust anything she says in the future. Get the money from sister before you spend your own or mom's money in the future. Unfortunately, our siblings have many ways to disappoint us in our caregiving journey.
My dad's hearing aid was made by a medical clinic specializing in ears. It was only $1000, but was really just a fancy computerized device to magnify sound. It didn't help, since he had nerve deafness. Looking back, I should have just bought him one of the large ear horns like they used to use.
Jessie, my Dad and I would joke with my Mom that she might be better off using an old fashioned Ear Horn as she hasn't had much luck with her two fairly new hearing aids.... of course, she is afraid to stick the hearing aid too far down into her ear because it might hurt.... just wish she would try. The Ear Horn would be perfect for her :)
Why should your niece feel bad? You did talk to your sister to confirm that offer after your niece relayed that information, didn't you? If not, you should have.

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