Stuff we buy from elder care catalogs.

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Have you bought anything from the variety of elder care catalogs that one gets in the mail, if so, how well did the item work?


My MIL loves these catalogs. She got the expanding garden hose and it pulled apart within a week.
My Dad bought some of those *easy-grip lamp switches* [3-spoked plastic turn knobs that replace the original turn switch].... but Mom didn't like them, so Dad gave them to me.

I think they are great... sooooo much easier to turn the lamp on-off or to use a 3-way lamp. I will be buying myself some more of them. Now I did notice that these larger turn knobs tend to get warm if you use the old fashioned light bulbs like I do [I've stocked piled them as I don't like the new generation of light bulbs].
Couple years ago we got Dad one of those mini cycles that one can use while watching TV, one that has a read-out screen to keep track of your speed and the distance you pedaled.

Dad really liked it, but Mom didn't want it sitting in her living room.... so we had to carry it upstairs to their bedroom sitting room where Dad used it every morning. He said it helped get the kinks out of his legs. Money well spent :)

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