Stubborn husband and wife wants to just give up!

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Husband has heart issues, copd, emphysema, kidney issues. I don't have any issues right now. He needs to just eat right in order to lose 7 lbs. He has been doing fine until this morning and he just won't eat scrambled eggs. He is stuck on cheerios which is a carb and he just won't give in to just eat eggs for two weeks and so I gave up. I can't talk to him because his responses seem to be not on the same wave length. He will say ok, but still no eggs. After 11 hours he isn't hungry for anything but 2% milk, orange juice. I just want to give up. I know later, I just want to go get what he wants to eat but that is not what the doctor wants. He has 2 months to lose 7 pounds. I hope he makes it. He is doing without the candy and cookies. But he munches on nuts that have lots of fats.


i s'pect he cant help his cravings. theres a 67 yr old lady in my aunts room at rehab and shes clearly going to lose a leg to neuropathy but she seems to exist only to have her gastric cravings fullfilled. perhaps food is about the only enjoyment left in her life and she dont care if it kills her. its sad to see but it appears to be like any other addiction. maybe your husbands brain is intoxicated by impurities in his blood stream.
Nuts are a great food and believe it or not, don't lead to weight gain. Here's a video about that:

Nuts can keep you satisfied for quite a while because of the protein/fat combo. If you husband won't eat eggs, how about some whole wheat toast with peanut or almond butter on it and a side piece of fruit? Milk and oj are sugars. He'd do better to eat a whole orange than drink orange juice.
Or call the doctor and see what he can eat in place of the eggs.
Can seven pounds make a lot of a difference for a person? Especially when they have all of those other issues?

Even though he is your husband, it is still ultimately his decision to be healthy. The old lead a horse to water thing. How are YOU doing? Are you taking care of yourself and eating well?

Don't talk to him about it anymore. Good for you for giving up. Sometime we have to let go of things we cannot change. We cannot change other people, much as we might want to.
Yes, the doctor said he needed to lose 7 pounds. He was his kidney dr and said his kidneys were showing something. Yes, I give up. But, I still will be there for him. You are right, you can't make a horse drink. So, I will make suggestions and let him choose. Thanks
I don't understand how the the carbs in cheerios are gonna kill him? You need some carbs for normal cellular function. If he wont eat eggs how about yogurt? We tell dad its pudding and he is in heaven! If all he is eating is cheerios and milk/juice he must be gonna lose wieght. If his kidneys are acting up they often limit protien.. IE eggs.. I must be missing something here
Fanci, if he is taking diuretics like Lasix or furosemide, it can throw his kidney tests off. Red Bell peppers are good for him. Fresh berries on his Cheerios are good for him. And Cheerios have lots of potassium. Honey NUT cheerios have almonds, very good for him.
Thanks Pam, he is taking furosemide. The doc even upped the dosage on it. The kidney doc, that is. I am letting up and not giving up. I am giving him some cantelope, and a choice of fruit along with the cereal or maybe use the nuts and fruit as a snack later. His meals are getting very small. So, I suspect something here. He loves to snack more and his meals are small. I do tell the dr this too.
Pam, thanks for your advice. However, the kidney doctor upped the dosage of furosemide and told him to eat right or he would be in the hospital. He wanted him to lose 7-8 lbs, which he lost easily. Eat right means more vegies, protein, etc. and far less sweets and fried foods. And water to stay hydrated.
How did you get from "more veggies, protein, etc. and far less sweets and fried foods" to "must eat eggs every morning for 2 weeks"?

The doctor wanted him to lose 7 pounds and he did. That sounds like cause for celebration.

Ask the kidney doctor for a consultation with a dietician, to get more specific suggestions on what "eating right" means in your husband's situation.

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