What stressful thing happened today that was followed by a silver lining?

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Stopped at grocery store on way to Mom's after work. Spent my last $60 buying food. Got to van in parking lot and I had a flat aaarggghhh! I drove 50 feet to the air pump (I know but I was desperate!) filled tire, said a prayer I would get to mom's so paid caregiver could leave. Well, tire held out the 2 miles til I got to mom's. Called my brother and he came right over (wow!) took my tire in and bought me a new one and put it on. Prayer answered!


That is nice how it turn out!
Yea! You have a guardian angel on your shoulder... and a very sweet brother.
Yeah, he's a good guy.
The bit of silver lining to each day is that I found everyone on this site and realize that I am not alone!
Katie222 I know JUST what you mean! I've been doing this for 6 1/2 years and just found this site. I remember so much stress I went through that I could have found help for on this site. Really great that I've found it.

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