I am having strange symptoms that my doctors don't understand.

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It is like having the flu for 12 hours, fatigue, & recycle.Can this be overdos. It is a cycle of being freezing cold and "sick" feeling, then approx. 6-12 hrs later I'm weak. I get overheated and cold sweats if I move around. Also my depression that I'm treated for gets real bad. This goes on for a few days, then I'm ok and then it starts again. I was wondering if I'm accidently being overdosed.


You've got so many symptoms - of possible iron deficiency (the weakness), glucose issues, depression, and cyclic issues. When's the last time you saw a doctor to first of all get blood work done, then do a full workup as well as address your medication regimen?
Sorry, you wrote that the doctors don't understand the symptoms. Perhaps you're seeing the wrong doctors? Which specialties are you seeing? Have you seen an endocrinologist?

Do you document what you eat and whether or not there are any corrolaries between food and symptoms? Do you eat foods that are processed, high in refined sugars and flour? Pop?

What medical issues have you actually been diagnosed with, other than depression?
Joyce, are you by chance going through menopause? That fantastic stage of our life can cause all types of uncomfortable conditions :P Then mix in this unseasonably high pollen season, and everyone is a mess health wise.

I would check with an allergist to see if this is food related, like GardenArtist had mentioned above.... in the mean time keep a running log of what you ate, then write down when you start to feel sick... sometimes food can cause immediate symptoms, and other times it can take 12 hours or more. See if there is a pattern.
I see a neurologist and a family dr. Here is a list of my medicine:
Nascobal 500 mcg/spray 1 a week B12
Asprin 81 mg 1 a day
Calcium 400 iu 1 a day
Sodium 125 MCG 1 a day Thyroid
Paroxetine 20 MG 1 a day Depression
Levetiracetam 750 MG 2 a day Brain problem
Omeprazole 40 MG 1 a day GERD
Allpurinol 300 MG 1 a day Gout
Deloratadine 5 MG 1 a day Meneres
Indapamide 1.25 MG 2 a day Meneres
Zolpidem Tartrate 10 MG 1 a night Sleep
Dihydrochloride .75 MG 1 a night Restless Legs
Simvastatin 20 MG 1 a night Cholesterol

I have been watching my food and have cut down drastically on my sugar intake.
Are you having any upper respiratory symptoms?
See your meds list just now. You are taking too much prilosec. Research the new info online, ask doctors.
I've already been through menopause :)
Yes I am having respiratory problems
Which meds are Prilosec?
GardenArtist, My family dr. checks my blood every 6 months for the stuff she gives me meds for.

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