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I put my mom to bed the other night and checked on her about an hour later. I turned on the light and saw brown stuff all over her fingers and face. It was a mess and I just was about to get sick when I noticed a piece of chocolate candy on her covers, whew. She had snatched a piece of hersey bar and taken it to bed with her. I now check her hands before I put her to bed.


ROFL! That was a good one, lreese.
I was sound asleep when I was awaken by someone knocking at 3:00 am. I got up and checked on mom. She was sitting on the rail at the end of her bed knocking on the closet door. I flipped on the light and she looked up at me and said, "No one will answer the door" Go back to bed mom.
"There's some people in my bathroom, there's some people in my bathroom!"
"I can't eat lunch because I'm coming home with you today." [Mom's in hospice]
When calling me on the phone," What you mean talk when u hear the beep, I no hear any beep, what beep?" Then she hung up on me.

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