Still getting stonewalled regarding Dad's MRI.

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I called Ombudsman to help. Dad has been told he has arthritis in arms and hands. He has had trouble past week using them. All this is stemming from a hip replacement in October.

Food so bad and with narrow throat he chokes on some of food. Plus he is so picky it is tough to get food he likes. He drinks Ensure and water. Yet he also has tons of phlem. The phlem has been like that his whole life.

Visiting him in snowstorm I learned his Denture has a crack and a bit missing. I cleaned them and he said they fit OK. Apparently he said the aides dropped thrm in the floor.

I am worried that they will push him out ASAP. I am not even mentioning the burn out I have from my own problems which are quite a few.


There is more going on here than arthritis. A hip replacement would not affect the hands. He has swallowing problems. He sounds like he may be ready for Hospice, I think I would ask for Hospice to evaluate him.
If he is in Assisted Living, he needs to move to a full Nursing Home.
Why do you think they will "push him out"??
No problem swallowing. He always had narrow opening. In fact years ago doc wanted to widen with balloon. He has always eaten slowly. He is communicating and alert.
Just that arthritis flared up from being in bed. Medicare is paying for rehab from hip replacement. I am concerned because Nuerologist reccommended the MRI six weeks ago. If that is resolved with proper Meds than hopefully back to old self.
Just went to rehab place and he ate what I brought. He is doing much better. Just lack of rehab and not getting MRI concerns me. He is at day 81 of a limited 100 day stay. Even his surgeon was surprised he was not home.
The neurologist ordered an MRI scan and it hasn't been done? Call the neurologist and get him on to it.
If dad does have Dimenthia or Alzheimer's. Are there medicines that can at least temporarily clear his thinking?

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