It's still summer and she wants to turn the heat on!

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The temp went down to 45* last night but it's warmed up to 80* now. I said open up the windows and let the warm air in. "No I'm cold"

At least I got her to go sit on the deck in the sun.

I dread the oil bill....I have a running joke with my oil man, when I see him coming I go outside and yell "go away"! He laughs because I'm his best customer..$$$$


I hear you! We live in the south. I have spent the last four years of my life battling the heat. I think the thermostat is our parents' way of getting even with us for our teenage years. My mother fluctuates between being too cold and too hot. And she can't leave the thermostat alone no matter what I say. My father was 100X worse. He was always cold and no amount of heat could warm him up. He tried, though, almost killing every other living thing in the house.
Crazy glue. This worked when my husband was living with his parents who would refuse to believe that if the wind blew outside that it wasn't blowing inside too. He waited until night, went into the hallway and set the thermostat on a comfortable setting and then crazy-glued that sucker in place. Now this of course would not work on a digital thermostat but you can also get locks to place on those so they can not be altered.
At one point years later, my father-in-law had the heat on in the summer and an electric heater in the room. The visiting nurse told my husband that he was going to die of heat stroke. My husband said, "well, at least he will go out warm." Thankfully, he wasn't still living at home at the time.
Maybe put up a fake one and move the real one? My husband used to complain mostly about the heat, but as he ages, he's starting to complain more about the cold, too, and he is having trouble deciding what clothing is appropriate for the weather. Sigh.
Just found this site and this is my first post but I related to this one right away. Hubby did the exact same thing with the thermostat a few nights ago. It went down to the 50's and he switched on furnace and the next day was in the 80's and I could not figure out why I was burning up in the house until I decided to look and see he had shut off a/c and turned on heat. It is over 90 today and yes, the a/c is on 73 in here but he has on sweats and is covered totally with heavy blanket.
A space heater is a good idea if just one person is cold. Also, a heated mattress pad at night is a good idea. They are also waterproof, so if they have trouble with incontinence it is an added bonus. It also helps with join pain and arthritis.
My mother has poor circulation in her hands and they are always cold. She lives with my sister and visits me one weekend a month. My sister found electric hand warmers for her, and gloves it is relatively easy for her to take off and put on. When she visits me her chair is in front of our gas fireplace and she usually wants it on, even on very hot summer days. I think pennyearner777 has the right approach. Do what you can that will maximize their comfort level while not melting everyone else in the house!
Oh she had a space heater but she keeps turning it off and on and tells me it doesn't work!!
I'd get an electric blanket (or two) and your loved ones can crank them up to whatever temperature they need to stay warm. Put one over them in the living room and have another one for their bed at night. That way, the only thing getting warm is them.
The electric throw blankets were a god-send for my mom! This way she could be as warm as she wanted & didn't cook us out of the house!
I'd like to add that when dementia is a part of the picture, maintaining a comfortable temperature for the elder (and not necessarily the rest of the house) takes on an added importance. My husband had a couple of years when heat bothered him a lot. His dementia symptoms got worse when he felt over heated. We got a cooling vest and that enabled him to enjoy the outdoors during this period. My mother's dementia symptoms get worse when she has had an episode of being cold. Uncomfortable temperatures are a stress to the body and it seems any stress adversely affects dementia. Mom has a large collection of sweaters. She has thermal boot slippers. I mentioned the gloves and the electric handwarmer. Especially when our loved ones have dementia, anything we can do to keep them comfortable despite their "broken thermostats" is worth the effort.

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