If she sticks her hand in it again I will loose it.

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95...has the shits for 3 days squishing out of her diaper..


Try starting her on a probiotic, it has helped my Mom with chronic diarrhea as long as I can remember.
Or as several long time posters have suggested. Onsies with the zipper in the back. I'd lose it too. Find an alternative that works
I hate the diarrhea episodes too. I started giving my mom psyllium husks capsules (2) per meal. She does well with those until she goes to the daycare and they feed her something that upsets her stomach. If I feed her the same thing for breakfast and lunch and just vary the meat and vegetables at dinner she does fine. It is when she sneaks in something at daycare that we have to deal with the consequences.
Sometimes there is no correlation to the episodes AT ALL.
I do know that they have lessened since I started giving her the psyllium husk capsules. She isn't constipated nor does she have diarrhea as often.
Probiotics are good too.
My mother-in-law [who lives elsewhere] has been having issues with diarrhea for a couple of years now, doctor tried everything, nothing seemed to work. Lo and behold she found something on her own... she takes a couple of tablespoons of cooked white rice before her meal. Maybe this only works for her, but it wouldn't hurt to try.
The comments on this site offered some comfort in that this situation isn't limited to me and the care I am giving an elderly person. Helps that were discussed here also provided ideas to consider. What I am trying to grapple with is how to keep my 94 year old female patient from getting feces on her hands, the floor, the rug, etc. It makes for quite a clean up afterwards and this surely ends up being distributed to the rest of the house. I can be there for the aftermath, but am not generally present when she goes to the restroom. Thankfully, the problem isn't diarrhea, but merely just wiping and getting up and out without getting 'it' everywhere. She wears Depends, has a Lavette bottle, a grab bar and has wipes available. We don't currently use the removable toilet seat for making the seating higher which might help. I am going to start making sure her nails are short and kept clean. Any other suggestions for keeping feces contained and limited to the bathroom?
when this became a problem i made sure i went to the bathroom with her ,even though she doesnt want help i just told her i was helping her keep clean,after a year she still wants me to let her do it , but i wont ...its too gross! she gets away with a lot... but with this i wont give in! good luck and be strong.
There is a type of automatic washing toilet available, I am sorry I don't have the name at hand, but it basically sprays the area clean and then blows it dry. It is an expensive device and would require a professional install, as well as a bit of education. But it is so possible that this would work for many seniors. It also has a heated seat! Just imagine. Maybe that alone would send them to toilet more often.
A bidet. Bidets are butt washers. We don't usually have them in America.

You can buy a sprayer hose that connects to the clean water going into the tank. These are common in Muslim homes and businesses for sanitary purposes.

Toilet issues are common in the elderly for lots of reasons. Sometimes a mix. Mobility problems, loss of vision, loss of cognition. You have to try solving one thing at a time and see if any improvements happen.
Alesia81 have you had your Mom checked for C-Dif bowel infection? It can cause loose watery diarrhea and cn be fatal if left untreated. perhaps there re some foods that upset her stomach so you may need to avoid them. Also keep her nails trimmed shirt and keep a nail brush in hand for cleaning. I feel for you on this issue. I've been caring for my Mom and it drives me nuts when she gets "it" on her fingers.

C-diff can progress to Sepsis

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