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I have been caring for my Aunt in my home for over 4 yrs. She has 2 step children that live out of state. One has never visited her and the step daughter will come on her Birthday for 3 days and at New Years for 3 days. My Aunt's b'day is July 6th so both visits are on a holiday. She has stayed in my home during prior visits and sleeps on the couch. This woman gets 5 weeks of vacation a year and yet she works it around a paid holiday from her job. She is a single woman without a lot of ties to any other family in her home town. She has always brought her dog and now wants to bring a girlfriend with her who has 2 additional dogs. My parents do have another home that we rent during the winter here in AZ, but now I am being asked if step daughter can stay there with her friend and 3 dogs. I feel she is stepping out of bounds by putting us in a situation where we do not allow dogs in the rental, do not know her "friend" and I do not know how to say no without hurting my Aunt'' feelings. I have never clicked with her step-children yet always try to be polite and welcoming. I have both Medical & Financial POA for my Aunt and was the one that stepped up to keep her from having to go to Assisted Living. In essence I feel I am caring for her and at the same time working for them. I hear myself resenting them and that makes me feel badly. I love my Aunt Dearly and would never want to hurt her feelings...telling her I can not accommodate her step daughter would do just that...I feel between a rock and a hard place.


It is absolutely your right to say "no pets". I have never understood people who travel with animals when visiting friends and family. Sounds like a good time for you to get away for a couple of days of R&R while step-daughter visits!

We are big dog lovers but short trips I have someone come to the house 3x a day to take care of them and they stay at a pet spa for longer trips. It has never entered our minds to carry the dogs with us to someone's home.

Your aunt shouldn't be upset with you for any reason!!!
Thank You littletonway!
Let your parents tell them NO..Since it's their home.. I'm assuming this Aunt is sister to one of your parents?
It sounds like a catch-22 situation, as there is no easy answer. I would probably let them stay at the house and hopefully things will go well. At least if you let them stay there, when they do leave, you won't have to feel badly that you didn't let them stay there.

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