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can a child that has been stealing her mother's checks be held accountable


Unless this child has power of attorney... no one should use her checks. Is this person a minor? Either way it needs to be either reported or close the account and get a new one.
How can the bank cash checks without the signature card matching. Therefore, she can't legally use the account and the monies should be returned. If her name is on the account, close it!!! Hint- because my no good brother is also POA and has his name on mom's accounts, I put a password on all her accounts. He does not know it and cannot access her money!!!! Works beautifully. Also, I took money out of her accounts and put it into other banks under her trust. He does not even know where it is. Got to do what you got to do to keep her safe.
Key word 'STEALING',,,yes you are held accountable..that's theft. Call your local police station and find out what you can do. Elderly Abuse/Domestic Abuse can be charged.
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It seems odd that a bank is cashing the checks. As said previously, does she have her name on the account? Is this s minor or and adult child? Do this "child" have POA? If this person is taking the checks without the mother's permission to use the money in some specified way, then it's stealing, which is definitely a crime?

Is the mother of sound mind? If she is and gave permission for the use of the money, that is different, but it seem odd that is would be done this way. I know these are more questions rather than an answer, but it's hard to know what is going on without more informatation. However, if the money is being taken from someone without their permission it is stealing.

I have many of the same questions asked above. Is the child's name also on the account as an authorized user? Is mom of sound mind and being taken advantage of or does mom have a dementia that causes her to be unable to give informed consent. In any case, unless the person cashing the check is authorized to do so, it is stealing. By the way, in my experience, banks will cash their own checks if the person can present proof that they are the payee named on the check. Banks frequently don't authenticate the signature of the "payer." If you are convinced a crime is being committed, even if by a family member, call the police or elder abuse authorities in your local area.

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