I am just looking for a few strokes I guess. I am starting to question myself about moving to FL...

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I KNOW it is the right thing to do. We rent now but we would be buying this cute property where we can do anything we want. Our landlady now restricts us from flushing toilet tissue. And 3 chickens are out of the question. Mind you we have 1 caution lite in town. on and on. Warm climate and oh the beach. We love it. Just to go sit under an umbrella. My DH is very excited and is planning on activities to keep him busy. It's just sometimes I say what in the h--l am I doing.Then other times I can't wait. What's going on here...help


If you and hubs are excited.. then hold onto that feeling. Things will fall into place,, they always seem to. I was sooo overwhelmed when I had to move my mom to rehab here (100 miles from thier home) and take over care of my ALZ father.. who was way worse than mom left on. And it worked out fine. Not without a hitch of two.. but just fine. You have had time to figure this out,and the place sounds wonderful. So go for it, and you will deal as it comes up. And enjoy flushing your toilets when you want, and get those chickens! Moving is never easy.. but you will be fine!
And I will be down to visit when it gets too dang cold!!
Just be aware that with dementia, your husband will need more and more care over time. Have you checked out facilities where you're moving, or is your intent to keep him at home? And leave those guns where you are! (It was your husband with the guns, right)?
Tarajane, have you been able to find doctors in your new location that specialize in elder care and/or dementia? Make sure they are near by, like just around the corner near by. I hate to be negative but hubby's dementia will get get worst, sometimes overnight, so the closer you are to medical help the better.

Like I love where I live, the EMT's are 5 minutes away, the regional hospital is 15 minutes away, and my elder parent's doctor is literally just around the corner. And my Mom's long term care facility is less than a mile away. Believe me, its a godsend having medical care that close :)

It's natural to have second thoughts. Don't let that stop you. Hang on tight! Enjoy yourselves. Change is always spooky.
I was just told that the Mayo Clinic has a Memory Disorder clinic in FL !! Praise God, I will find it. I know that my DH could change overnight so that's why I am enjoying every minute with the real husband I married. Right now he is forgetting more and more what I tell him but I just tell him again. Before his diagnosis I would have said. "Good Lord" I just told you, what's wrong with you and he would get mad and I disgusted. I have learned in a very short time to control my temper. I think I'm doing a h--l of a job. But back to the Mayo CL. I will find it and let anyone know if they don't already know. Thank you all
Mayo is in Jacksonville. The main number is 904.953.2000. If you Google mayo clinic florida, lots of information pops up.
Thank you.
Tarajane, if you are out there, did you move to Florida, and how is hubby doing? Last post we got from you was in February on another subject, just hoping everything is going well.

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