Thinking of starting a go fund me page.


Hey all its been a while since I posted and a lot has changed, my husband and son now live with mom and I. Big help for housework, lol they are guys so be serous here. My husband has cut all ties to his brother and his wife because of some serous problems we had with them, 1 being he triiiiiied to extort money from us after we sold our home, but thats not what I'm asking about today so I won't get into it more. I'm still caretaker to my mom in law, who is slowly on the downward slope, but now I have more time to try and relax. Which brings me to my question, I'm thinking of starting a go fund me page to help me buy a camper trailer to turn into my oasis for sewing and sanity. My husband took early retirement to move up and in his moms house to help, but as many of you may know retiring early doesn't give you much money. He is going to get a part time job next year to help out but it will be extra tight. I sew for sanity and because I love it, but I could also sell what I make and help out. The thing is doing my work in the house is tough, not only room wise but the quiet and privacy I need isnt available. The other reason is I feel so adrift since we sold our house and having my own space, with my name on it, I think would help out. Heck I could even get a few minutes with hubby too! So what do you all think? I've never done it or thought of doing it cause I feel so selfish just thinking about it. We didnt make much on the house sale, but we paid off bills, and what is left I'm trying to save for any emergency that will come up. Starting in January I have to get insurance too, hubby will still get hsi but keeping me on would have taken his check completely. Sooooo let me know what you all think, and if any of you have tried doing it PLEASE!

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Hold the phone, here. There is already enough drama and division in that family. Do your husband a favor and don't add to it. Keep the peace.

I did that and yes we can. I know my bro in law will have a fit but whats new with that. He has been cruel to the extreme. Like I said it would be a sanity space.

First check your local restrictions on camper/trailers. A lot of townships will not allow you to park it on your property or store it there.