Standing firm with hospice.

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For 8 months hospice visitors have phoned ahead before visiting our home. now the new nurse is communicating poorly if at all and just drops in when she feels like it. im a small businessperson by my own right and i dont appreciate this unanounced intrusion. i kindly asked them today to phone ahead before dropping in, even if its only 5 minutes ahead. This is our home and if we dont stand up to them a bit i feel like they will steamroll us. Common courtesy goes a long way with me.


As you said, for 8 months they have phoned they should. Not only is it discourteous to just stop in but it's unprofessional. It messes with the routine and it's selfish for this nurse to think she can just pop in anytime and you'll just be available.

At one point we had a nurse, a physical therapist, a bathe aide, an occupational therapist and Meals On Wheels coming over. My dad liked to invite the Meals on Wheels people in to visit and I finally had to make up a schedule. If one of them ran late it threw everything off and there were times when the O.T. guy would be cooling his heels in the hallway while the physical therapist was working with my dad.

Your house. Your rules. Home healthcare professionals need to respect that.
Hi Capnhardass. That is weird-not to call. I would think that would be standard , especially with a patient with any dementia. An unexpected visitor can be very upsetting and confusing to them! Put up a sign on your door that says "BEFORE YOU KNOCK--- if you did not call ahead for this visit please do so now. And be prepared to wait until we are ready for you." :0)

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