NH staff wants me to take MPOA for edna.

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I was waylaid by head nurse at nh this am and in several hundred words that cant be proven , i was given a clear message . edna is competant enough to change mpoa legally , theyre tired of screwing with PIA and her belligerance , they want edna in their dementia ward because its more taylored to her sleep habits and needs and they want to see edna and i get in that little truck of mine and haul some a** . i could sense that this was coming from an entire management staff as opposed to one stray nurse . i will see my attorney first thing tomorrow morning and frankly i dont care what the process costs . i am totally flattered by their confidence in me and my attorney already knows me as an honest poa and experienced dementia caregiver . imo , there is no place for petty spite where the life and well being of an elder is concerned . nh ' s main peeves are pia refusing to even take a tour of or consider the dementia ward and how badly edna is being hurt by the curtailment of our truck rides . this isnt going to be pretty . pia will start shouting up the place and she'll either shut up the drama in front of her mother or theyll throw her out of the building . ive seen this coming for quite some time . i respect staff and relay ednas needs to them , pia argues with them based on nothing but her ( imo ) closed mind and retarded thought process .
trippy . slightly stressy . please wish me good luck on this .
in my mind still rings the words of APS . " were all linked "


Good luck to you both! can;t wait to hear of more road trips!
edna vegetated in IL for 2 years sitting on a dilapidated couch and dying of depression . when my mom died i hooked edna up with a man and a set of wheels . she purely came to life . we both had a great time . i think now , that aps and nh just bided their time while pia built the case against herself . doc ordered pia to get her mother out of nh frequently . it hasnt happened . this nh is a regionally renowned rehab facility . they arent dummies by any means . they all personally love edna and they want to see her happy . they have my back if and when the attorney talks to them . that much was made clear this morning .
Excellent news Bob. I'm sure with you at the helm Edna's QOL will improve dramatically!
Give the PIA a run for her money. Good luck with getting the POA for Edna. You're one in a million and I love reading about your adventures with Edna!!
Wonderful news Capt. get Edna out fast before the weather changes. POA will just have to put up and shut up. No reason Edna should be punished because she birthed an idiot daughter
i used to get tickled at edna when wed go riding . i would feel her out to see what shed like to do . shed always firm up her chin and proclaim that we were going to do whatever we wanted to do . thats 180 degrees different from someone telling her what they think is best for her . edna had control of her life back . anyone who thinks that a child and a parent are destined to reverse rolls , i firmly disagree with you . if she wanted to light her farts id get her some matches is what im sayin ..
we are 4 wd . one of the funnest rides we ever took was in a white out blizzard . she loves that little truck and it was utter cruelty to have it yanked away from her .
i think i can win this battle with NH firmly at my back .
ive been sensing that this nurse had something complicated to discuss with me . normally they dont idly chit chat a lot but she has been trying to engage me for several days now .
All the luck in the world!
pia ' s sons will threaten to squash me again . i think if id stomp my foot theyd both s*it down their legs , thats what makes them almost comical .
Captain, wishing you the best of luck in getting the medical POA.... sounds like a win-win to me :)

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