Concerned about staff at Assisted Living suddenly leaving.

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There appears to be a sudden exiting of key staff at my mother's assisted living facility. Some have approached me to share that they'll be leaving. There are tears in their eyes and expressions of "not what I'd want", but silence with an explanation. My mother has been cared for well there, so I don't want to rock the boat by inquiring about why the sudden exit of some of our favorite, long employed staff. Yet, I'm concerned. Would appreciate anyone's experience/wisdom.


A major shake up like this often comes before big changes in policy, often with an eye to the financial bottom line. Just be watchful and prepare yourself for increases in fees and decreases in services, there is little else you can do.
What do you mean about rocking the boat? I think I would inquire from the person in charge there, what is happening. They may be limited in providing some details, but, I would want some assurances that the services will not be decreased.
It is not unusual for a facility to have sub-contractors who are Nurses/Aides, cleaning staff, kitchen staff, etc. Sometimes their contract is up and another sub-contractor came in with a lower bid.

One would think that having a constant routine with familiar faces would be the best for the residents. But wait and see what happens.

My Dad private Agency caregiver was approached about working at the facility but she said no... she told me mainly because she didn't like the cold shoulder attitude of the person who managed the nurses/aides. I could understand, I had to deal with her myself, and I am not one to blow up.

Another time my Dad was upset when his favorite physical therapist had left. Turned out a new physical therapy group was coming in. And the new therapist assigned to my Dad was just as good if not better.

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