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Dear admins thank you for adding the spell checker. Now my posts are full of red underlines and I have to try different configurations to get rid of them.
if all else fails I go to my trusty Websters spell checker and put in my best guess and usually the correction appears or they say 'word not found" and I have to try again. I do have a dictionary but the words are too small in that and I have to use my reading glasses and a magnifying glass.
I wonder does anyone know if poor eyesight goes with dementia?????????
Perhaps my cataracts will be ready for removal next year. The Dr said usually between 70 and 80 and I am in the right age group.
Now to choose a topic i wonder what would be best, emotional wellbeing, tough issues, physical wellbeing, no I finally found it.
THANKS ADMINS you do listen to our needs.


Veronica, I wasn't aware that spellcheck had been added, but it's a welcome addition.

If you're having trouble with correction via a dictionary,, could you use a word processor as an alternate? You can copy your post here into a Word document, same highlights will appear for misspelled words, then you can correct them.

If you need to know the exact correction steps, PM or post back. I don't remember how right now as usually the red lines remind me and I realize I've made a mistake or typo.

What I'd love to see now is a larger post box. It's possible to add an expansion function for longer replies; a few other forums I visit have them. It would be so much easier to proofread.
Fantastic..a spell checker :) My brain tends to move quicker then my typing so this is a welcome relief. Otherwise, I could proofread a post a half dozen times and not find an error until after I hit "post comment" or read a posting I made days earlier :P

GardenArtist, to get a larger post box go to the bottom right corner of the box... you will see some dots... put the Mouse on those dots and you will see a double arrow... now hold down the side side of the Mouse while pulling down the box... bravo... a much larger box. Now I did read where this won't work on all devices... it does work on a desk top computer.
My browser already spell-checks for me, so I haven't seen any difference. Usually with spell-check if you right click the highlighted word different spelling options will pop up?
When I want to take the time to write something thoughtful or long I sometimes type it into my office program, then copy and paste it into the comments section when I am satisfied with it.(I do the same thing with emails)
FF, are the dots in the reply box? I've tried twice and I'm not getting any dots at all. I'm using IE 11; what browser are you using? I know that IE 11 has some major flaws; perhaps that's one.

I am using a desk top computer. Must be the browser.
GardenArtist, you are correct... I just checked IE and there are no dots... dots not good :P

I've been using Firefox browser for this website on my desk top.
I've been planning to switch from IE; that time is drawing closer and closer - just need to sit down and make sure that doing so doesn't lock up everything - never know about the MS bombs.

Thanks for checking on that issue for me.
I have a couple of tiny diagonal lines in the right had bottom of the add your comment box and clicking and dragging that enlarges the box for me. I am using an HP laptop and AOL . I am also pretty ignorant about computers and use the " by gosh and by golly " that is keep clicking on something till something happens, then I can't remember what I did.
splel chzeck,
by dam , i dont know if its AC or the computer im using . either way im nearly 57 yrs old , used to be a top competitor in the schoolwide spelling bee's , but im old now and i just dont care anymore . shortterm memory isnt good so if i took the time to spell something correctly id f it up an hour later .
its all about priorities now at my age . spent this afternoon rebuilding / reconnecting my shower up here in the house . i smell like the north end of a southbound goat . id rather have a hot shower than perfect spelling ..
and frying chicken . rather have fried chicken than proper spelling ..
LOL I also use Veronica approach to learning my way around computers :)

GardenArtist, I was worried about downloading Firefox but knock on wood everything worked ok afterwards. Had a cold chill while it was in the downloading phase. In fact I usually have both IE and Firefox running at the same time as I keep my office email open while I am doing other stuff on the computer.
Veronica - that spell check is probably just the one built into your web browser. Right click on a squiggly line and it will give you a little list to pick from. There are also "accessibility options" that can give you larger fonts and high contrast, but YMMV on that.

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