Special place in heaven for caregivers.

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I think that those of us that are dealing with elderly loved ones deserve an automatic place in heaven. The time and patience it takes can be overwhelming. My sister lives in a different state and never has to deal with any doctors appointment, shopping etc.


From your mouth to God's ears… [though I'm not sure it would get me off the hook for all my other sins!]
I was talking earlier about how I might have a better chance to go to heaven if I weren't a caregiver. I can think some pretty sinful things as I'm going about the day. And the anger can make me feel like the devil has me in his sights.
That thought and feeling would be a good one to discuss with your pastor or priest.

This tends to be a rather controversial topic for some and I'm probably walking on the very edge of the site's guidelines about discussions. There are three basic positions on this subject.

1. There are people that believe one can work their way to heaven either by not doing many bad things or by doing many good things.

2. There are some who believe that God's love is so broad that everyone will go to heaven.

3. There are some who do not see point 1 or point 2 as being what the Bible teaches, but believe that one must have faith in Jesus Christ who died for everyone's sins and rose again from the dead as the savior of all who would believe in him.

Those who take the third position believe the Bible does teach that while being saved into heaven by the free, unearned gift of God's grace through faith in Christ, that God will reward our good deeds.
I believe God understands when we walk the path with the bear.
Go girl..... I took what you said as quite humorous..at the moment I guess its what I need....my mom is over 100 yrs old ....I help her as much as I can and stay out her way ....I love her but she believes I am a thief and a liar...thank God she is better physically than some people much much younger. But I get so much encouragement talking and listening to others...and I pray as lot....lov y'all.
Perhaps it is oa form of appreciation. my dad says he loves me and appreciates me and that God is going to bless me because me and my fiancé are angels and we are always there for him.

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