I need to speak with the person/boss of Bristol Elder.

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It is in regards to the results of a case they had regarding my mother and the lack of communication with me. I was accused of things that were not true and I have questions about the lack of response to me about what they were going to do or what I should do. It has been 4 months. Would like her name and number or if not number e-mail. Please respond


Have you called them before and no one got back to you? We need more information.

Here's their main number. Call and ask for the name of their executive director and get their phone number. Write it down. Call them when you've got your facts all lined out clearly in your mind. Probably write down the main points you want to cover. Main line: (508) 675-2101
Why would you need to cone to a forum to get this information if you already knew they had a case involving your mother? Just sort if weird.

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