What sounds are surrounding our loved ones?

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Hopefully be happy & smile it just for an hour or so....it makes them feel good ,music? . Do invest in a CD PLAYER. FIND SOME CD/s that they like listening to. Do accept that they may disappear, Go to Goodwill, or Amazon, or whatever, Put their name on the CD cover if you are worried about it. Music inspires the soul.... They will hear it. Do talk with your loved ones, play music. Feed their souls and their taste buds... Go get them a shake, and add a little Ensure of nutritious value. Make your visit ENJOYABLE for you and loved one. Dance, even in a wheel chair, take their hands and hold them and tap your toes to the beat..... If they can stand a bit, hold them and dance a little.... Be close to the chair they may want to sit down after a few seconds.....Mom can't see well, but she feels me, and hears me....And she smiles...That's what counts the most... Make them Happy :) Even a radio tuned into a music station is great... Old radio broadcastings : The Shadow Knows...


We listen to music on Spotify... Lots of 1940's music..
I have kept my cable because mom enjoys some of the commercial free music channels. If it wasn't for that I would ditch my TV altogether, nothing on there anymore worth $50 a month.
I always play music for my mom! She loves it! I even email YouTube music videos for my dad to play for her, what fun! She always sang when I was a kid and gave me my love of music.
I know what I don't want to listen to. I have told my kids that it is OK to place me in a care center if that becomes necessary, but if there is no escape from the sound of tvs blaring from every doorway in the building I solemnly promise I will come back and haunt them. I don't even believe in a ghostly afterlife, but I swear I will find a way to come back!
My grandma is obsessed with Tom Jones. When you go to visit her, she is always singing and dancing or playing with her ipad listening to him.
Mariachi music! We have cds and found a LOT of videos and dancing on YouTube. Pop likes to sing along and gets up from his chair to dance.
There's also a place I found on line that will convert old records into CDs. It's a little pricey,,,but we're planning to send in a number of very old albums that aren't available anymore of my parents' as a Christmas gift for Papa.
PF, you can convert vinyl to digital and CD's yourself if you have the right software and equipment. They sell turntables now that are designed to hook up to your computer, or there are adapters to connect one you already have. There is even open source software, so that part doesn't have to be expensive.
I only know about this because my BIL loves his record collection, but there are lots of sites on line that give advice.
What are some of companies that convert black licorice into CD forms? Sounds great, and so does the software, but I don't think I am not that patient to sit down and figure that part out....Maybe some day I will be patient enough :)

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