Just like the song by Rod Stewart!

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To use a line from one of Rod Stewart's songs.....it applies very well to caregiving.....it goes "don't you know it's torture, I mean it's living hell".


when the elder becomes more frail and helpless the frustration your feeling now may ease up a bit roscoe. my mom used to drive me nuts sometimes too but as her health got worse i began to see her more as a dependant old person and less as an eccentric old pain in the ass.. in the last months of her life she told me thank you more times than id ever heard from her in my life.
What are the three worst parts about caregiving for you?

like what rod says , FOREVER YOUNG . lalalaaa
captin - i agree !! i miss my pa very much . enjoyed my best 4 years of memories with him .
yes it was hell but it was worth it . i know i did my best ...
2 words Jinx. PEE and POOP! Just sayin........
isolation, non stop talking ( I'm the listener) & when mr. Jeckyll comes out!

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