My son was enrolled by American Eldercare but he is able to take care of himself.

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He does forget things but is in no need of home care. He lives alone in Pensacola in a rooming house,on SSI & Medicaid. Had a MVA 2014 with brain injury.


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Yes, my question is he does not know who signed him up for program. He is mobile cooks his own food ,cares for himself and pays own bills lives... in a rooming house.
And they charge his insurance $150.00 a month for the last 3 months for a "coordinated care fee" for maintainance ? ref item..008586007. Maintainance for who/what he has no nurse not in assistance living or housebound....
He should contact his insurance immediately and get copies of all documentation for the alleged enrollment, or you can prepare a letter and have him sign it, or:

Is it possible he authorized the care without realizing it? Otherwise, how would this company get his insurance information?

If he doesn't want it, he should call his insurance company first and tell them he doesn't want the services, that they may have been fraudulently initiated, then follow up with a certified letter. In that letter you can ask for all documentation initiating the service.
Correction - since no one in my family has ever had Medicaid, I'm not familiar with all the ramifications of it.

This may explain why he's enrolled:

I thank you all for your responses on my questions. The issue has been resolved. He was approached because of past MVA and related issues resulting from (head injury and back pain from accident. He has problems with memory and gets confused then worked up when you try to explain things or he tells half of story,which gets me all worked up. Again thanks, will be talking to all of you soon when next issue arrives.

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