Sometimes you have to laugh.

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My very handy husband is out of town. Oh where oh where is my man when i need him! The sink is clogged, and the washer somehow is linked to the piping. I had to do dishes in the yard, and let's just say these clothes i'm wearing are about it! I haven't felt like hand washing outside after being so sore from mowing the lawn! Sold the stove with the house we left the other day. So im reduced to a microwave and toaster oven. No since buying a electric burner when the new stove will be here soon i figured. Then to top it off the antique bed broke while outting daddy to bed. I could've flipped a lid because i couldnt fix it and dads over there saying. Well what can i do? I'm like nothing dad it's too heavy. I had a few choice words as i'm struggling with this and needless to say he's now laying close to the floor. Oh my God! This is insane! What a week! Honey come home!!

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Hey My 3, laughing at your post. I'm one of those handy hubbies. Nothing has ever broken around the house when I'm home. Ever. Well almost ever. Soon as I leave for even a day, OMG, all hell breaks loose. To my wife's credit she's like you, pretty damn resourceful, gets through it well, but whats with the karma here anyways?

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