The joy in a sliced banana! A car ride and lunch at Cracker Barrel! Sometimes the simple things can cause so much happiness!

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Mom went into the kitchen in the middle of the night, got out a bowl and a knife and the coffee creamer from the refrigerator, got a half box of cereal from the counter and carried them on the tray of her walker over to the table. She sat down and had herself a snack independently. (3 AM)

She was so proud of herself. And I am proud of her too. She has been "scared to go into the kitchen" since she fell and broke her hip there in to go and use the refrigerator and two drawers...was super!

We forget that sometimes even small victories really ARE victories!.

Then, because a repairman was coming to her condo, we went to Cracker Barrel for lunch and enjoyed seeing all of the leaves that have changed in the week since she has been out of the house in the car. So exciting to see the changes and enjoy chatting about them.

Mom recently was treated for a UTI and she is SO clear and almost like having my independent mom back. I know she is not independent, but she is trying to do more for herself and that is exciting, even if only for a short time.


glasshalfful, you are so right when you said we forget that sometimes even small victories really ARE victories!

Just this evening while opening up a new bottle of soda, it dawned on me that several months ago it was too painful to loosen that cap due to a broken shoulder recovery. Same with getting dress, I had an awful time.... how soon we forget :)
Good reminders Glass and FF!
Love your post! God bless.
Your post is so heartwarming and uplifting. I'm glad you could share these special moments with your mother. And yes, isn't it exciting when the small things provide so much happiness?

Did your mother shop at Cracker Barrel? It has some of the most attractive gifts I've seen. It's especially fun to shop through the "olde tyme" section with the old foods and things that remind me of childhood days, and things long forgotten....those wax lips that we bought at Halloween, little wax bottles of coke with syrup in them...

You've provided a nice lighthearted post to offset some of the very sad ones.

Thanks so much for sharing!

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