He keeps going in to have a bowel movement to see if he's done from the last time today.

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He went 2 times 2day. Not diarrea. Obsession. Do dementia patients become so obsessed with bowel movements (good ones, no diarrhea or constipation) that he needs to sit each time he urinates and sees "if he's done"? We are leaving the home for an appointment, and he usually has to urinate. And that's ok. No problem. Been going on for 19 years. Now, he thinks he'll have a BM and sits on the toilet. I can work around the time needed. My question is this: as mentioned in beginning sentence, are ALZ and dementia patients always like this. Obsessed by BM issues? I do know about the urine issues! And he knows I'm really trying to help him be himself and says how much he loves me. He's not angry, just frustrated for both of us that this is happening. He's 93.


Yes, some do seem to develop an obsession, from what I've heard in my caregiver support group. My husband didn't. Must just be the luck of the draw. The thought of possibly being caught short while out of the house probably contributes to the obsession, don't you suppose?

Just keep up the loving relationship and hope for no obsession worse than this one!
My boyfriends father was diagnosed with dementia and was completely obsessed with bowel movements. He was asking the rehab facility for enemas and suppositories every hour and would sit on the toilet for hours. The staff told me that it is common for the majority of all elderly patients to have bowel obsessions.
90% of the elderly people I've known and/or worked with were obsessed with their bowels.
Thank you. Glad to hear I'm not the "wierd" one.
Yea my mother has dementia but she wont get on the toilet alot of times we have to make her go every 15 or 20 mins. Or she will do it in her depends and she has a bowel movement alot lately
Just a thought is it possible this obsession is the end product( possible bad pun) of the toilet training they had and then used on their kids. With the increased use of indoor toilets mothers were encouraged to toilet train their kids as early as possible even before they could walk and also seemed to use enemas a lot to force bowel movements. You were expected to have one per day ,This is what the Doctors were saying then. It seems that the oldest behaviors are the ones that last the longest when one looses other skills.
I agree. All old people seem to worry about going to the bathroom. At least your dad wants to go out. Dementia or not, it is frequently used as a reason not to go to events. Might have to go to the bathroom. Wouldn't want to be anywhere but home. Wanting to overuse laxatives and then come UTI's.
If possible, try a regular exercise program like daily walks and do it everyday about the same time, seven days a week. Start them off gradually and build them up. That really helps with obsession fixations. I know when my mom got obsessed with opening locks and door and wandering, but daily walks really helps and it's not nearly as bad. It's worth a try replacing one fixation with another. Now she's obsessed about her daily walks! That's a good obsession!
I think that every dementia patient has symptoms that are similar to some others but it affects each and every person differently. Obsession with BM is common phenomenon with a lot of people and I have noticed that as they get older it seems to be a constant conversation with their friends too!
I knew two of them, and I must say that I never heard of such a thing, so to me this would actually sound very unusual

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