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Went to visit mom at the NH today. As many of you know, she entered there in October 2013, post stroke (which resulted in vascular dementia and aphasia). She broke her hip in memory care/ AL and was certified as "hospice eligible" by her them primary doctor. She's been hospitalized three times since in the NH with pneumonia, chf related problems and most recently (last August) with a large pleural effusion. 5 days in the hospital left her unable to walk, and although PT tried mightily, they were unable to get her back to walking with the walker.

PT re-evaluated Mom 2 weeks ago. They restarted therapy. She's up ! She's using the walker! She can even re-position herself better in the wheelchair, because her arms are stronger. Not all facilities are created equal and this one has its issues, but it's just amazing what they and my mom have been able to accomplish.


Way to go, Babalou's Mom! Therapists are great but your mother worked a lot harder than they did. It's great not only to hear some good news but to learn that's she's stronger and rehabbing so well.

So today was a very good day for you and for your mother - how will you celebrate?
Thanks for sharing your good news!
That's good news, Babylou!
Cool!! Not much good news around here!
Great news, Babalou!! You've been so nice and helpful to me on here . I appreciate all of your wonderful advice and encouragement. Give yourself and your mom an extra special hug!!
MIRACLES are everywhere~
You & your mom are MIRACLES~

You just brightened my day. Thank you.
Very well done babylou's Mom. the lesson her is give the elder time to recover from a hospital stay then go slow. Of course the patient must make the effort and the therapist NOT discharge them too soon. too many therapist think just because a ptient is reaching goals and doing well they can continue alone at home. Ain't gonna happen!!!!!!!
Babalou, that is very good news :) Makes you wonder what was her incentive to do this.... to make it easier to get together with the other ladies on her floor?.... a new resident down the hall who looks like Errol Flynn? Whatever, good for her.
We noticed a couple of weeks ago that she had started to propel herself with her feet in her wheelchair again. We asked therapy to reevaluate. Maybe it has to do with the new roomate who is someehat deaf and talks loudly!
That's great news - thanks for sharing it with us! Good for you and your mom!!

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