I need suggestions for soft food for my toothless mother.

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I am throwing a birthday gathering to honor my 82 year old mother this coming weekend. She has dentures, but after many fittings, it is just too painful for her to wear them. She has severe fibromyalgia and her gums are constantly sore and feeling bruised. Her gums are healthy, just really painful due to the fibromyalgia. So, I need to plan a meal that she would enjoy AS WELL AS the guests. At home, I serve alot of roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, canned vegetables, scrambled eggs, etc. But, I am hoping to branch out so that Mom will enjoy something "more special" and our guests won't feel like the are being forced to eat "soft foods". I'm hoping someone might have some ideas?


quiche, poached salmon, baked fish, fruit salad (watermelon, cantelope, honeydew, banana, cottage cheese) lasagna, variety of soft cheeses, a hearty homemadesoup, any pasta dish, smoothies, french toast or pancakes (not necessarilyparty food but you could easily make this for breakfast for her) ,
Great ideas, 2much2cover!
I'm not so sure on party foods, but to roll with the quiche idea...try googling Fritatta. I make mini ones in muffin pans and they are typically served room temp. in Italy. You can make many varieties, some with potatoes at bottom and some without. Also, if you have a decent blender, or food processor, a nice chilled soup in summer would be great...gazpacho, cucumber, or even a roasted corn with a dollop of sour cream or creme fraiche. So good, and all good for you. I frequently throw soup parties as it keeps cost down. Serve crusty bread and olives on the side for other guests. You can also ask a couple friends to borrow their crock pots. They work just fine not in the heating element for serving a variety of soups. (Naturally they work excellent in the winter time for serving a chili, a chicken based soup and a veggie one= lost cost, but happy guests) If your elder enjoys any kind of bean, hummus can be made of any of those, just pulse it smooth in processor. Another soft food is tomatoes diced up small (for this affair at least) with tiny bits of garlic and all all of the great tomato juice and some olive oil and s/p...and soak tiny ripped pieces of bread in the juice. You may want to avoid crusts for this one, but save them! You can easily make croutons out of them for a delish salad on the side. (you can even make them and put in zip bag to use next day if you forgo salad.)
Have a great party and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER!

As far as getting some good foods into her, yogurt with a sprinkle of ground flax seeds is good ( I eat it almost daily) Altho. there is some contraversy over flax and estrogen production or reduction (I'm unsure, and I think the info is as it pertains to pregnant women, I truly forget)
And hey, any Birthday menu consisting of ice cream cake would be fine by me.
Just had all of my teeth removed today. Rule number 1. Eat very slowly. I'm eating mashed potatoes w/gravy (cooled), applesauce, yogurt, slightly flat diet soda, milk, and cold water. Anything soft and cool. No straws for at least 2 weeks.

Tomorrow, I will eat any of the above, plus scrambled eggs or egg drop soup, white bread with soft butter (no crust), spaghetti o's, and deserts like ice cream, sherbet, or smoothies.

After that, I will have any of the above plus, bologna, cold or slightly cooled hot dogs, cream of wheat, ham or tuna salad (easy on the pickle relish),slightly cooled vegetable soup, more ice cream, some fruit juice should be okay now (because of the acid).

Next day, I'll eat anything I can manage with no teeth. I will continue to eat slowly until I am fully healed (about 4 weeks).

I will not eat peanut butter or anything with seeds or nuts in it, keeping it smooth and simple.
Lots of soft casseroles, pureed or mashed squashes, sweet potatoes, puddings, rice pilaf dishes with soft veggies (peas, carrots). Tuna casserole, pate, meatloaf. Smooth soups. Dips (spinach, artichoke) made with plain yogurt with-- soft crackers topping. Spaghetti squash with sauce (non meat). Savory bread puddings or soufflees.
We use the quisinart for almost everything including meats. Makes good soups of all kinds using chicken or beef broth as a base. We also make beef or chicken stew (wet like soup, not thick) using a crock-pot, cooking all day with the meat, red potato (peeled and cut up), yams (peeled and cut up), mixed vegetables, tomatoes, onions and chicken or beef broth cubes for flavor in at least 6 cups of water.
I don't know how you feel about asking your guests to bring food, but I've been to a party that was a crock pot cook off...everyone brought a dish in a crock pot (soups, casseroles, dips, etc). I think you would get a lot of variety, get a lot of soft foods, and you could have a fun voting a silly prize for the best dish.

A fillet of Salmon baked with butter and lemon juice sprinkled lightly with dill. Bake for 5 minutes then drizzle with cream cheese. Place back in oven for one more minute. Serve with a small bowl of cream of asparagus soup and a baked sweet potato. Keep the salmon near rare. The entire meal is complimentary and the fish will flake moist and soft
Spaghetti and Meatballs! Because meatballs are easy to eat for anyone.
This question was asked back in 2012, but as I read the responses I am left wondering how the party went and what was served?!

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