So much to do that I don't want to do anything.

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It's 11:00 already and I haven't gotten a thing done other than updating my stock information and feeding the critters. I feel like I don't want to do anything. There is someone coming in to give an estimate on a fence. I need to get the car maintained. I need to take some pictures for my shop. I need to trim the grass and cut some limbs in the back yard. The bathroom and kitchen need cleaning. I do need to vacuum. And what about getting some type of water-proof box for the outside weather probe. I do need to buy some RoundUp for the weeds...

I think I figured it out. I need to assign myself one major task a day. There is so much to do that I think of it and want to hide under the bed. No wonder I don't get things done. I paralyze myself with my own thinking. When I worked outside the home, there was always one, maybe two, major things to do in a day. I need to adjust my thinking, so that I am wearing one hat at a time.

So this afternoon I am putting on my yard-woman hat and going to buy the RoundUp to tackle those weeds. There's only a little more monkey grass to pull, so it all sounds workable. Hey, this works!


I feel that way my self, many days. The problem comes when I flit from one thing to another and don't actually finish anything.

I used to be a list maker. Lists for everything. It helped me to stay focused and I got such a little thrill out of crossing something off the list. I need to go back to doing that. Half of the time I don't even have a grocery list and then I forget things or worse yet, get stuff I don't need.

In a way, you made a list just by writing this post, and it helped you decide what to do.

The weather here has been so volatile lately, Spring storms and all that, that I tend to plan my day around the weather forecast. Have fun out there, we are clouding up for an afternoon shower.

Jessie, I know the feeling, I keep dragging my feet when it comes to doing things around my house.... ho hum, maybe tomorrow.... then tomorrow comes, oh well, maybe the next day. Nope, Dr. Phil has something that is really good on when that day rolls around. Oops, can't do, looks like rain. Or I had fallen asleep on the sofa while eating a late lunch.

My energy and wanting to do things had just got up and left. Back when I was working more hours during the week and before I had to deal with my parents, I was keeping myself busy around the house big time, nothing ever fell through the cracks and there never was one weed in the yard.

Even building a blanket fort sounds like too much work. I am just so emotionally drained :(

Well, I got the RoundUp and a sun hat. Went out and sprayed the wits out of those sneaky weeds. There were so many, but I stuck to it. I even have about an hour left before medication time.

My mother is doing so much better energy-wise, but she has become completely obsessed with projects. For the past three days she has been washing coins. Today she even took Easy Off to them. The house got filled with fumes when I was out working. I needed to turn on the AC, because I was hot. I told her she didn't need to clean coins, that you weren't supposed to. But she is OCD about it. I hate that these antidepressants are bringing out her OCD, instead of making it go away. It's totally crazy, the projects she is selecting. I wish she would at least select projects that are useful... like cleaning house.

So I am sitting here in a hot house filled with Easy Off fumes, fan blowing, windows open, with a crazy person bent over the kitchen sink scrubbing coins. But at least the weeds are sprayed.
Earlier this spring I was feeling a total lack of energy and initiative. I googled my symptoms and what should pop up but "burnout". Hmmm, time to put a little extra effort into some "me time".
I also like to use your idea of trying to tackle one or two things off my to do list a day (or week LOL). It has become too easy to say "why bother" to myself, so I feel very satisfied when I manage to get something done for a change, even if it is just calling to make an appointment.
cwillie, I hate calling for appointments.... guess its the idea I would actually have to get in the car and drive there, sitting in yet another waiting room :P

What I have been doing now for myself, whenever I actually find myself at a doctor appointment for me, I will schedule the next one while I am there.
cwillie, I know what you mean. I am beyond burnout. I think crispy would be the best word for it. Taking "me time" is helpful. Trouble is that when you live with it that you always have to come back to it. I would love to hire a housekeeper to come in once a week and a yardman who does more than cut the middle of the lawn. If I do, I'll have to pay for them. I've already been tapping into my retirement money, since business was bad last year, so I can't really afford to pay more for upkeep of Mom's house.
It drives me nuts when I think a task will only take a certain amount of time and effort, but it expands into a whole big THING. Example: My husband has never been diagnosed, but might as well be the poster boy for Adult ADHD. He decided about a month ago that he was at the point where he would like help -- meaning, he needs to see a psychiatrist who's trained in evaluating adult ADHD, and if appropriate, can prescribe medication. we are one month later, and he must have called over a dozen Dr.s on the list from his insurance, and none of them -- NONE -- accept new patients. A few days ago, I said I would help. Because I get full of myself sometimes and I think I can somehow do a better job, lol...
Anyway, I have a whole bunch of info to give him, but not ONE actual contact he can call today and schedule an appt with. Why did I think I would be able to do any better???
looloo, something you might be able to do is check some mental health clinics and see if they have psychiatric nurse practitioners (PNPs) specializing in adult ADHD. Some of the PNPs are as good as the psychiatrists. They can prescribe medications. Beyond a degree, there is not a whole lot of difference when it comes to patient care.
JessieBelle, thanks for the tip! I will do a search and see what I find...
7:00 PM and my mother is still cleaning those coins. She took a break for dinner, then went back to it.

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