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I care for my now 91 year old mother. Been doing this for 12 years abot, first my dad. Youngest daughter. Two way older brothers
No support, I want to die with her. I'm sick of this world. I have a 17 and 15 year old as well. I'm tired, of life, the fighting OVER MONEY...I'm just tired and depressed


You have teenaged children who need your attention and support. You should not be doing this alone. Tell us more and we'll all figure it out together.
Does your mother have any money to pay for hiring some caregivers to come in and give you break? You sound burned out and very depressed. Please see a doctor and a therapist about your depression. How will your 17 and 15 year old going to live if you work yourself to death. How are they handling all of the stress that is on you?

If you become suicidal please call 911 for help!
You need to see a doctor also see about support groups in your area. I get that feeling felt it my first go at this 20 yrs ago. This time I see my doctor weekly alone talk about what to expect with dad but also me we have a great doctor. Also have support from my church emotionally and physically. My husband and his siblings care but are no help I realized they can't it's too hard. So I will take care of dad (father in law) on my own but I seek out and use the support I can. This time is way better I'm relaxed and its peaceful because of that.
Keep in mind that everything can be worked out. Sometimes it seems overwhelming, because we are so exhausted and frustrated. It's difficult to see a way out, but there is help. First I would get help for yourself with a counselor, doctor, or someone who understands and can give you immediate help. Just call and tell them how you feel. Do you have a family doctor? They will tell you how to get help. Must places have help and hot lines. After you take that step and get yourself better, you can then get the information that will help you with your daily issues, including taking care of your mom. There are resources. Don't let finances stop you. There are resources and ways to get help.

Put yourself first right now, so she can get proper help. You are not alone and there are people who care and whose job is to help people in crisis. Use their services.

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