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Glad to have something positive to report for once!

My sister is law, who often stops by Mom's NH on the way home from work discovered my mom had not gotten out of bed the other day. She checked with the staff who said that it was noted in mom's chart that she had refused the opportunity to get up and dressed that morning. Mom denied that.

My mom has always been late to bed and late to rise; regular staff knows this and are fine with getting mom dressed and up around 11 AM, after breakfast has been cleared away. Talked to the head nurse today who said that due to staff absences (there is a flu outbreak) she'd had to float three aides from another unit to mom's floor. They took her shrug at the offer of dressing at 8 AM as no.

As a remedial action, mom's care plan now states that she is to be offered several opportunities to get up, after breakfast and into the late morning.

I also suggested that perhaps the Speech department could evaluate mom for some sort of assistive communication (a card with simple pictures and phrases like "too cold" "later" "no" "yes" "bathroom" etc., so that when she can't talk (aphasia from a stroke) she can more effectively get her point across.

We'll see how this works.

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Barb, what a great idea about using flash cards to rely Mom's wishes :)

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