Small town banks leave me a bit edgy.

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Took mom to the bank today to once and for all finally closed the 4 joint accounts she held with my late father. This was a long process to switch everything over, all the auto pays as well as waiting for all death benefits. Let me back track a bit...shortly after dad passed I took mom and my DPOA to the bank, opened 2 accounts, mom was sole proprietor, me POA. To open these 2 new accounts I withdrew half the funds from my parent's 2 checking accts. I was keeping things basically set up like dad had then just different accounts.

A few months ago...when I had my "break from reality" and had my brothers keep mom for a week, they took her to the bank and got statements from all accounts. That's fine.... not as if I'm spending money of frivolous things. BUT...they have on file mom;s Dr's report as well as my DPOA and personally, I don't think the bank should have did that. Mom cannot clearly identify them as her sons, she just knows she knows them, haha, this also includes me, her daughter.

Today....when closing those remaining accounts, the lady who has worked there for 20 years closed those accounts, withdrew a rather large sum of money, opened a savings account and deposited all the remaining $ into the savings that coincides with the newer accounts She advised that I should be listed as joint owner as well as POA, this includes the POD acct. Now there is no longer a POD account, all of it went into a savings account

OK... that makes me a bit nervous but the BIGGEST ISSUE I had with all this... the New Accounts Rep who has been there years, not once did she ask for either my or my mother's ID. Mom signed everything she had to sign....she never questioned me about my DPOA...didn't one go look it up....and it is obvious that mom has memory issues, very obvious. Although the lady did ask mom many questions but again, so obvious... which is why I was upset when my brothers took mom in there and gave them printouts for the year on all accounts.

The only thing I showed this person, was my dad's old checkbook so she could obtain the account info... I could have been anybody walking in with any elderly AD person.... good think I'm not.


I forgot one small thing.... she did ask me if mom had a drivers license or ID, I said yes, a DL but it expired. She suggested I get an updated ID, just in casies. Never once looked at nothing.
Jeanette, you were on camera the whole time. And if she has been there 20 years, she more than likely knows your mother on sight. So if mom toddled in with her sons and asked for statements, they would give them to her. Again, all on camera. And the documents showing you as DPOA were more than likely visible to her on her computer workstation, perhaps even an image of you. The bank wants you to be joint on the account for their own internal reasons. Hopefully it will prevent further disclosures to others. Those accounts WILL show up on your credit report now, but that should not be a problem unless you go bankrupt or mom has bad credit.
Thanks Pam, I do get what you're saying...but?

No....that bank lady worked there for 20 years. My parents MOVED from one small town 500 miles away to this small town 3 years ago. Dad did this so I would be close to my brothers while taking care of mom. She more than likely met my dad while he set this all up....not mom though. That was years ago...well, just 3.

You are probably right on the image of me since she did ask if I still had my Florida CDL (Commercial Drivers License).

Mom and dad had great credit, and mine isn't all that bad ;)....I was more concerned that I was not asked for ID? No plans of filing BK... I was a bit taken aback by the lack of professionalism ....they do not know me nor her.
Jeanette, they have so much info at their fingertips, she probably could tell you what color underwear you had on and what size. It's actually a little scary.
Hmmm, next time we go into the bank, I shall wear my goofiest knickers and see if I catch anyone snickering ;)

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