My 93-year-old MIL has been slipping into severe dementia for the last six months. She has lived with us for the last 3 years.

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Hi there, if you really want to find out why the onset of dementia, look up all the side effects (adverse effects) of the drugs that she is taking. For example, if she is taking a cholesterol lowering drug (statins) those drugs cause dementia and memory loss in elderly people and the memory loss comes on very quickly. I know this because my own mother was on this drug for almost 4 years. We stopped the doctors from prescribing it to her after I got POA and provided the doctors w/ all the side effects that my mom suffered from statins. I understand that there might be other drugs out there (like blood pressure drugs) that might cause problems which lead to dementia but you need to do your research then DEMAND that the doctors stop giving her the drug and ask for a natural alternative. In the case of statins, even the natural alternative is dangerous. In fact the entire concept of high cholesterol was invented in order for the drug companies to make billions of dollars in profits. If you do your research you will find that cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease. It is one of 300 risk factors but it is NOT the direct cause and it will end up KILLING an elderly person. Any doctor who prescribes it belongs in JAIL. Here is a helpful link about statins.
Good luck!
Kona- didnt see the link about the statins, etc. tonio999
OOPS they removed it. Here, do a google search for : "Consumer alert: 300+ health problems linked to statin drugs".
The article is under
jackiebquick, what specific aspects of this sad decline do you want to discuss?

Has your mother-in-law had dementia for the three years she has lived with you and now it is progressing from mild to more severe? Or is the dementia new?

Has she been diagnosed with dementia, or is this label from your own observation of her?

Does she have other impairments or chronic conditions? Is she taking drugs?

Give us more details, and what you'd like to discuss, so we can interact with you.

Sorry to hear it. I had my grandmother with me for years when she had Alzheimers' and Parkinson's. I am so glad I did! What exactly are your needs? Please let us all know here and we will all gladly help you.

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