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Just wanted to throw this out to you guys. If you or you SO snore you probably have it. I very much recommend that if your insurance will allow it get yourself tested for sleep apnea.It slowly creeps up on you and you will think well I am just getting older. It can cloud your thinking, make you feel tired even if you think you slept well.If you or your SO fall asleep easily just sitting in a chair,could be sleep apnea, it is a silent killer. Also sleep apnea was causing a lot of cardiac problems with my mom until I insisted on a sleep study and she sure had it. The cpap mask she wears makes a big difference in her mental/physical status and also her chronic pain status. So if you haven't had a sleep study please check into this. Also if you dislike the thought of wearing a mask at night they have come out now with so many user friendly variations of sleep mask, I now have one that is designed just for women who like to sleep on their sides.If you can just sleep one night with one on after being diagnosed, believe me when you wake up the next AM you will feel like a new human being and that is when you will realize how bad you have been feeling. Like I said it creeps up on you and you start to think well this is just how I feel. Just my 2 cents.


Sleep apnea increases risks for early heart problems so you need to get this handled properly. Having a sleep research done will determine who serious his sleep apnea may be as well as insurance often will cover this particular cost. Sleeping on your partner's side always will help, losing weight can help a great deal, daily exercise can help.
Sleep apnea, as is snoring, is caused by gluten.
Give up gluten (found in all wheat products, in
particular wheat flour), and the snoring stops
within 3 days, the apnea a few weeks.
If the person suddenly snores, then ask them
what have they eaten today!
I dont touch wheat and never snore so yes there is something about wheat and gluten. mums snored most of her life i asked her doc about this test but no thats not covered on her medical card so would be pretty expensive to get done. My aunt had it done in UK and she is alot better! mum eats an incrdible amount of wheat? so does my aunt so yes interesting!

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