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Anybody else seeing this today??


Same here. THe first search I did I just assumed there were no results. But after seeing your question I typed in something I knew would have hits, and nothing. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
Same here, too. I just tried a search and came up empty handed :(

The articles below in the blue section at the bottom of the page still work, so that's good.
Yes, this happened to me too.
I could not find " My favorite things " thread this morning.
Aging Care admins! Hey there, hoping you can fix this.
Navigating the website easily would be a priority for me.
Hoping that this is not an intentional change.

Thank you for the forum, it makes a difference in my life.
Hi all,
Thanks for your attention to this matter. We are truly sorry there is a problem with search today, and are doing what we can on our side to fix the problem. Our search is powered by Google, so the fix is not entirely within our control. We understand that it limits your ability to participate fully in the site-and for that reason by no means is this an intentional change! Thanks for your patience and understanding.
Thank you for your response, and on a Sunday!

These things happen. I could not get my Google mail for a week. The issues are universal.

Hope you are able to fix it.
Thank you for bringing this issue up, making it easier to report and share.
I noticed issues on this afternoon. The software was having a mind of its own. Can software get the flu??? Full moon??? Winter blizzards???
Still not working.
If any of you have a need to search the site I have had some success using google, I just typed in my key words including agingcare and voila!
Are others finding that the search feature is still not working?

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