For Mother's Day, my sisters sent my mom money to get someone to clean; I am pretty angry right now.

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I arranged for a young lady (a college student ) from her church. I was there when she came, I made a list and told her to be sure to ask Mother what she would like her to do. She called me today, saying she did not stay long because Mother told her to go home. Mother has vision problems and memory problems and obvious behavior problems. I think this was VERY rude. My sister's were trying to help! what do you do when they do not realize they need help. I am not trying to smother them ( my Father is 85) just help them... I can really see them declining. I am the only one close to them my sister live away, God bless them... I am very tempted to just back off completely and do nothing!!! Someone please advise me.... thank you a tired daughter...


I would love that gift the problem was with the young if she had been responsible she would have stayed and have done the work that she was being paid for -would your sister be willing to pay someone who is a real housecleaner maybe every two weeks that would make things easier on you because I am sure you are doing everything for them at this time-maybe your sister really wants to help-of course you know your sister.
I am in very rural Iowa no cleaning services available... The young lady did not want to argue with my Mother and I appreciate that. The problem is my Mother, she does not accept her limitations and wants to live in a state of denial... I will have the young lady return on a day when we take my Father to the VA....
That is a very good solution
thank you...

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